2­AS­14 Allowance for Canadian Market Model Editions

Date: 22-04-2014 / Author: autoslalom results / Tag: Autoslalom, Bulletins
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Allowance for Canadian Market Model Editions

All Street, Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared and Street Modified classes with immediate effect.  
Additional Allowances:  
In additional to the published allowance in Appendix E Section 13 stating that Canadian market vehicles are permitted only if they differ within the bounds of  13.2A: 

Accessories, gauges, indicators, lights and other appearance, comfort and convenience modifications which have no effect on performance and/or handling and do not materially reduce the weight of the car are permitted. This does not allow driver’s seat substitutions, or the removal of “tow hooks” or “tie­down loops”. Delayed shutdown devices such as the “Turbo Timer,” which perform no function while the car is in motion, are permitted. This does permit the installation of an additional mirror (e.g., Wink®), but does not allow the removal of the original mirror.
The following allowance will be made:
Canadian models and packages that differ from the above may be assigned an appropriate Street or Street Touring class by the Autoslalom Director. Competitors with a mechanically different Canadian model shall disclose the details to the Autoslalom Director to facilitate classing. Failure to do so may result in the car being classed into the appropriate Street Modified class.