Competing In Autoslalom

Date: 16-02-2013 / Author: webmaster / Tag: Autoslalom /

As noted above, almost any road-worthy car is eligible; however, before you attend your first event, it is important to understand how this motorsport discipline actually works.

You begin with a standing start, from the 'start box', and must complete the course by finishing up in the 'stop box'. As you launch, you break the beam of an electronic timer, and the clock starts ticking. Each course cone is specifically sited within a chalked box, and if you dislodge a cone you incur a time penalty. So, getting a 'clean' (no cones moved) run is the first imperative. Next is completing the course correctly. Many rookies get lost, and if you go 'off-course', your run is not scored.

As you approach the stop box you will again break the beam, and the clock will stop, but there is one more challenge. The stop box has a final cone located at the end of the stop box. If you take that one out, your run is again not scored. Fast, accurate driving is the most important element of Autoslalom competition, but learning and understanding your vehicles' dynamics is also important. As expected, everything depends upon the grip of your tires, so tire choices and tire pressures are understandably the first area of concern. You will see competitors using white shoe polish to mark their tires before going out. By examining these marks afterwards they can tell how far over onto the sidewalls the tire rolled during cornering, and adjust pressures accordingly.

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