Understanding Autoslalom

Date: 16-02-2013 / Author: webmaster / Tag: Autoslalom /

There are eighteen different classes that group vehicles based on drivetrains (engine size, front wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, etc.) and the level of modifications, if any, made to the car.

The specifics of each of these classes are spelled out in the Rules and Regulations, but the intention is to ensure that each vehicle will be competitive within its class.

Whether you have a fully tricked-out Camaro or a completely stock Honda Civic, there is an Autoslalom class for you.

No special vehicle preparation is required to compete. The only stipulation is that your vehicle must be roadworthy (although not necessarily licensed) and safe to drive. It must have working seatbelts, and the driver must wear an approved helmet at all times while on course; 'loaner' helmets are often available at the event to encourage newcomers to compete. Additionally, some events may require the vehicle to conform to an exhaust noise limit.

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