Apply for/renew my CASC-OR Competition Licence?


For the various forms of CASC-OR authorized or sanctioned competition, you are often required to hold a CASC-OR Competition Licence as described in this page.

Club Events (e.g. fun runs, autoslaloms, lapping days) usually do NOT require a licence. If a club organizes a race or time attack event as a club event, licencing will be required as it is for provincial championship events in those divisions.

Any licence level of "C" or higher will require successful completion of some form of training to be issued (in some cases you may be able to participate in events while the training is completed).

To hold a licence, you must meet several requirements;

In order to hold a "B" or an "A" licence, you must also submit a medical examination form completed and signed by a physician once when you first apply, then at regular intervals depending on your age.

In 2013, an annual waiver program is being implemented where a "B", "A", or Officials licence holder can sign and submit ONE waiver to the CASC-OR office along with uploading a photograph to their member record on the CASC-OR website. Then, on receipt of a Photo Licence, the holder needs only to show the licence to gain access to events and does NOT need to execute a waiver each time they attend an event.

For those who need to complete them, the medical examination form and annual waiver are included in the licence application package available on this website.