Register For CASC-OR Events Using MotorsportReg


Using MotorsportReg is easy!

Once you have entered your initial information, it is simply reused for every event you enter, in every division of CASC-OR.

Registering for every event then follows the same process, with the only difference being the information required for entering that type of event.

You can follow the steps below to set up your account and begin using the system.

Finding Events


CASC-OR has it's own page within MotorsportReg where each event can be seen and entered. This page is located at - click this link to get started!

Entering An Event On MotorsportReg


Whether you have an account on MotorsportReg or not, your first step will be to click the  Register  button next to an event. That will display the event's main page.

The event main page provides some information about the event as well as some links to information about CASC-OR, the venue for the event, and information about accomodation in the area where the event is being held.

Clicking the  Continue  button will take you to the second event page, which contains any specific requirements to enter the event - licence, car, safety equipment, eligibility, etc.

If you already have an account on MotorsportReg, you will use that account for all CASC-OR (and other) events that you enter - it is universal. Click the  I have an Account  button. You can jump to Adding A Car To Your Garage in these instructions to continue.

If this is your first time on MotorsportReg you will need to create your account. Click the  I am a New User  button.

Creating Your Account On MotorsportReg


Step 1 in creating the account is to fill in your name, e-mail address, and postal code.

Fill in the information to start your account and click  Continue  .

It is very important that you complete the section above in full, and particularly your emergency contact information.

The last section on this page, Logging In, is where you will enter the user name and password you will use to sign in to MotorsportReg. Be sure to make a note of what you put here to avoid problems logging in later.

Click  Continue when complete.

Your CASC-OR member number is the number on your licence - if your licence is "14-1000" then enter "1000" here. This number is the same every year, so your last year's licence has the right number too. If you haven't been licenced yet, leave this blank. Click  Continue .


Your driving experience is optional but feel free to enter any information you want here. Click  Create my account!  when done.


Filling In The Entry Form


You are looking at the entire online entry form for an event (in this example, an Ice Race event).

The first step in filling in an entry is to select the club you belong to which will appear on the results (if you belong to multiple clubs, you may only pick one of them).

You also need to indicate if your emergency contact will be present at the track during the event or not. This can (and should) be changed if you need to at the event because plans change. Your emergency contact is the one you filled out when creating your profile.

The form shown is a long webpage, because all possible entries are deliberately visible so the user doesn't have to click anything to find them. It is possible to collapse sections so the user sees only the class(es) they wish to enter for the future.

On the next page, we will examine entering one class - click the Entering A Class link at the bottom right of this page.

Entering A Class / Creating A Car


In our example form from the previous page we have excerpted the Rubber To Ice 1/2/4 class section. This section is used to enter (obviously) class 1, 2, or 4 in Rubber To Ice.

For an ice race, you may enter Saturday Only, Sunday Only, or Saturday + Sunday. We will start by checking Saturday + Sunday to enter for the whole weekend.

The first thing you will note is that the system is telling you that no Vehicle (car) has been set up. Click the Add a vehicle link or the green + button to add your car(s). You will be presented with a form which collects much more information than is required for CASC-OR. For Ice Racing, you should fill in

Click Save Vehicle and you will be returned to the entry form with that car selected.

Now you must select the class you are running in from the Class dropdown.

Finally, enter (again) your registered car number.

You have now completed the entry form to enter in the class you selected with the car you created. To enter more classes, you can select other sections of the form and repeat this process. If you use a different car for the other classes, just create another one in the same way you created the first one.

Note: There is one limitation here. If you have two different cars and wish to enter class 2 AND class 4, that cannot be done through the form as constructed. The event registrar, though, can do that "behind the scenes" at registration so you are able to enter that combination of classes. If there are enough people who need to do that, it could be set up on the form.


Submitting The Entry Form


Ok, so now you have your account created, your personal information entered, a car created, a class entered, and you're ready to finish and pay for your entry by credit card.

Scroll to the very bottom of the entry form and read the waiver document that appears there.

When you have done that, check the "I have read ..." box and click  Preview Order .

We have added a second class entry for one day only to indicate what that looks like on the payment form.

This will show you the total cost of your entry, and allow you to either pay by credit card or defer payment until just before or at the event itself (you can go back in and pay your entry by credit card the day before if you wish to pay at the last minute).

Should you want to clear all the information and start again, just click the delete from queue link at the top right. Or, you can go Back in your browser and change the information you have entered before processing payments.

That's all there is to it!