Entering An Event On MotorsportReg


Whether you have an account on MotorsportReg or not, your first step will be to click the  Register  button next to an event. That will display the event's main page.

The event main page provides some information about the event as well as some links to information about CASC-OR, the venue for the event, and information about accomodation in the area where the event is being held.

Clicking the  Continue  button will take you to the second event page, which contains any specific requirements to enter the event - licence, car, safety equipment, eligibility, etc.

If you already have an account on MotorsportReg, you will use that account for all CASC-OR (and other) events that you enter - it is universal. Click the  I have an Account  button. You can jump to Adding A Car To Your Garage in these instructions to continue.

If this is your first time on MotorsportReg you will need to create your account. Click the  I am a New User  button.