Submitting The Entry Form


Ok, so now you have your account created, your personal information entered, a car created, a class entered, and you're ready to finish and pay for your entry by credit card.

Scroll to the very bottom of the entry form and read the waiver document that appears there.

When you have done that, check the "I have read ..." box and click  Preview Order .

We have added a second class entry for one day only to indicate what that looks like on the payment form.

This will show you the total cost of your entry, and allow you to either pay by credit card or defer payment until just before or at the event itself (you can go back in and pay your entry by credit card the day before if you wish to pay at the last minute).

Should you want to clear all the information and start again, just click the delete from queue link at the top right. Or, you can go Back in your browser and change the information you have entered before processing payments.

That's all there is to it!