Entering A Class / Creating A Car

Date: 31-12-2013 / Author: webmaster / Tag: CASC-OR /

In our example form from the previous page we have excerpted the Rubber To Ice 1/2/4 class section. This section is used to enter (obviously) class 1, 2, or 4 in Rubber To Ice.

For an ice race, you may enter Saturday Only, Sunday Only, or Saturday + Sunday. We will start by checking Saturday + Sunday to enter for the whole weekend.

The first thing you will note is that the system is telling you that no Vehicle (car) has been set up. Click the Add a vehicle link or the green + button to add your car(s). You will be presented with a form which collects much more information than is required for CASC-OR. For Ice Racing, you should fill in

  • year, make, and model of car
  • colour
  • your registered number
  • engine displacement

Click Save Vehicle and you will be returned to the entry form with that car selected.

Now you must select the class you are running in from the Class dropdown.

Finally, enter (again) your registered car number.

You have now completed the entry form to enter in the class you selected with the car you created. To enter more classes, you can select other sections of the form and repeat this process. If you use a different car for the other classes, just create another one in the same way you created the first one.

Note: There is one limitation here. If you have two different cars and wish to enter class 2 AND class 4, that cannot be done through the form as constructed. The event registrar, though, can do that "behind the scenes" at registration so you are able to enter that combination of classes. If there are enough people who need to do that, it could be set up on the form.


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