Filling In The Entry Form

Date: 19-12-2013 / Author: webmaster / Tag: CASC-OR /

You are looking at the entire online entry form for an event (in this example, an Ice Race event).

The first step in filling in an entry is to select the club you belong to which will appear on the results (if you belong to multiple clubs, you may only pick one of them).

You also need to indicate if your emergency contact will be present at the track during the event or not. This can (and should) be changed if you need to at the event because plans change. Your emergency contact is the one you filled out when creating your profile.

The form shown is a long webpage, because all possible entries are deliberately visible so the user doesn't have to click anything to find them. It is possible to collapse sections so the user sees only the class(es) they wish to enter for the future.

On the next page, we will examine entering one class - click the Entering A Class link at the bottom right of this page.

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