Spam Management On New E-Mail

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The new server has good spam management capabilities but each user must set them up themselves.

As it is when you start, spam messages have '***SPAM***' added to the subject so they look like this

However, they will still be delivered to your Inbox. These instructions will let you divert them to your Junk folder which you can empty when desired. If a message gets flagged that is NOT spam, you will be able to find it in the Junk folder so it isn't lost completely.

To do so, FIRST log into the webmail at (clicking this link will open it in a new tab/window).

Then click this link and another new tab/window will open

On that page, locate and click the button for Create A New Filter

You can title your filter whatever you want - mine is called Junk Folder. Select Spam Bar from the first drop down and begins with from the second.

IMPORTANT - type three plus signs +++ into the box underneath where you selected Spam Bar

Next, select Deliver to folder from the third drop down, and then use the fourth drop down to select your Junk folder

When you select it the box will look like this

Click the Create button.

You may choose whatever folder you wish to use - the Spam folder works fine too.

You're done! Mail marked with ***SPAM*** should start to be delivered to the Junk folder from now on.



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