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CASC have been advised that the Leatt Corporation has issued a product recall on the MRX Head & Neck Restraint System as a result of a manufacturing defect.

For clarification, CASC APPENDIX 'K" DRIVER SAFETY EQUIPMENT, Paragraph 7.1, refers to these devices as "FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) Devices."

As such the product’s SFI certification has been revoked and the products are NOT approved for use at CASC-OR sanctioned events. Read more »

CASC Officials Licence Application Package

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Organizer Forms

Starting in 2014, all CASC officials must provide an electronic photo (passport style) and sign an Annual Waiver before their license application will be processed.  Instructions on creating the photo and a copy of the Annual Waiver are included in the License Package.

Submitting The Entry Form

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Ok, so now you have your account created, your personal information entered, a car created, a class entered, and you're ready to finish and pay for your entry by credit card.

Scroll to the very bottom of the entry form and read the waiver document that appears there.

When you have done that, check the "I have read ..." box and click  Preview Order . Read more »

Entering A Class / Creating A Car

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In our example form from the previous page we have excerpted the Rubber To Ice 1/2/4 class section. This section is used to enter (obviously) class 1, 2, or 4 in Rubber To Ice.

For an ice race, you may enter Saturday Only, Sunday Only, or Saturday + Sunday. We will start by checking Saturday + Sunday to enter for the whole weekend.

Read more »

Filling In The Entry Form

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You are looking at the entire online entry form for an event (in this example, an Ice Race event).

The first step in filling in an entry is to select the club you belong to which will appear on the results (if you belong to multiple clubs, you may only pick one of them).

You also need to indicate if your emergency contact will be present at the track during the event or not. This can (and should) be changed if you need to at the event because plans change. Your emergency contact is the one you filled out when creating your profile. Read more »

Creating Your Account On MotorsportReg

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Step 1 in creating the account is to fill in your name, e-mail address, and postal code.

Fill in the information to start your account and click  Continue  .

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Entering An Event On MotorsportReg

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Whether you have an account on MotorsportReg or not, your first step will be to click the  Register  button next to an event. That will display the event's main page.

The event main page provides some information about the event as well as some links to information about CASC-OR, the venue for the event, and information about accomodation in the area where the event is being held. Read more »

Finding Events

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CASC-OR has it's own page within MotorsportReg where each event can be seen and entered. This page is located at - click this link to get started!

Register For CASC-OR Events Using MotorsportReg

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Using MotorsportReg is easy!

Once you have entered your initial information, it is simply reused for every event you enter, in every division of CASC-OR.

Registering for every event then follows the same process, with the only difference being the information required for entering that type of event. Read more »

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The new server has good spam management capabilities but each user must set them up themselves.

As it is when you start, spam messages have '***SPAM***' added to the subject so they look like this

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