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CASC-OR 2017 Racing School

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Friday, May 12, 2017
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Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

Held as part of the first Test Day of 2017 on the Grand Prix Track at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, the course is designed to provide experienced drivers with the knowledge and skills to obtain a CASC-OR Class B Probationary Competiton licence.  This is the licence that is required for new drivers to enter regional racing events. Read more »

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I am sending this note to the competitor community in the hopes that you will forward it to whomever you know that is "new" to racing and still needs to apply for a CASC-OR competition licence.
As you know, the most important element of the race licence application is the driver's on-track experience.  In the last couple of years, thanks to Ray Arlauskas, the Chief Regional Race Instructor, we've increased the number of licences that we are granting based on "observation", instead of attending a school.  The schools are still very important and may provide someone new to the sport with a quick way to accumulate on-track experience.

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Brack Driving Concepts - Race Schools

April 28-30, 2017, at the Shannonville Motorsport Park, Brack Driving Concepts will be hosting their own Spring Fling.  This is an opportunity for lapping for street cars, testing for race cars, annual scrutineering for CASC-OR competitors, and two different racing school options at their Race Academy:

Program 1 Read more »

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If you're considering advancing to the ranks of BMW Club Racing or CASC Racing, or want to be exposed to new concepts and on-track experiences, then this event is for you. This school is open to all drivers with extensive high performance driving experience on the track through recognized organizations such as the BMW Club and PCA. This school only accepts those who have significant solo student and/or lapping experience. You will not be taught how to drive on a track at this school. We assume you already have these skills. Read more »

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Racing schools to fit your time and budget...

if you know what you want and that is to race then our three day school may be for you

3 days of in car and classroom instruction - upon the successful completion of this course you may apply for a CASC-OR road racing licence!

Maybe you'd like to try racing before you commit Read more »

2016 CASC Final Race Points

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2016 CASC Final Race Points

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I encourage everyone to read Appendix E: Licences, Sections 1 through 3, as we've made a number of changes for 2017.
(Here's a link to the page on our website with the most current version of the rule book)

Appendix O Section G GT Challenge 2017 Revised

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Regulations and specifications for GT Challenge cars.  Revised Feb. 6, 2017, to reflect new Calabogie breakout times.

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The Canadian F1200 Series is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring the Waterloo Regional Kart Club for 2017. As one of Ontario’s Premier 4-Cycle karting clubs the Waterloo Kart Regional Kart Club (WRKC) provides young and old driver alike a place to start their racing careers. Read more »

Appendix O Section H Radical Cup 2017

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Regulations and specifications for Radical Cup cars.