You may have noticed at Registration and/or on competitors' vehicles a new decal for this year - CELEBRATE 2017.  These may be used in place of or (or in addition to) the normal CASC-OR decals we run on our cars.  A supply was given to each Division Director - Race has the most and they should be available to anyone that asks at event Registration.  I know we handed out 1000 at the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix and we'll keep handing them out until they are gone...

Happy 150th birthday Canada!  The true north strong and free...

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With the debut of CASC Ontario Region's new website, there will be hundreds of hundreds of questions about how it works and what it can do. I'm going to use this area as a Q & A section on navigation and use of the website.

Keep checking back here - as new features are added and questions are answered, I'll post information here as much as I can.


Scott Ellsworth
Webmaster CASC-OR


Login Difficulties

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UPDATED 4/24/11 - In all cases where we have encountered login problems, we have been able to solve them by completely clearing the browser cache.

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