Buying Your Ice Racer

Date: 07-02-2011 / Author: webmaster /

As noted prevously, any car with an engine capacity of less than 3.0 litres is eligible to compete for a Class Championship. It doesn’t matter whether the car is a sedan, coupe, station wagon or small pick-up, equipped with an automatic or standard transmission, front wheel, rear wheel or all wheel drive, just as long as it is mechanically sound - and within your budget.

A competitor can spend as little as three or four hundred dollars on a car, or as much as five thousand or more. Most ice race cars are older models which no longer meet highway safety standards, but are still mechanically sound.

A well prepared ice racer can be expected to last at least three or four years, and in Ontario there are quite a few cars which have been ice raced for more than a decade!

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