Cars Used In Ice Racing

Date: 06-02-2011 / Author: webmaster /

In ice racing, there are four basic groups of cars divided by their size and their driven wheels.

The cars are typically cars which have been taken off the road for reasons of cosmetics (rust) or age that are still mechanically sound. They are generally smaller cars, because they are easier to locate and usually more competitive.

Each of these groups is used to determine rubber-to-ice classes, second driver classes, street stud classes, and racing stud classes.

The groups are;

  • Rear-Wheel Drive (Volvo, MR2)
  • Front Engine, Front-Drive/Short-Wheelbase up to 3 litres (CRX, Rabbit, Festiva)
  • Front Engine, Front-Drive/Long-Wheelbase up to 3 litres (Civic, Corolla, Protege)
  • 4WD/AWD up to 3 litres (Impreza, Corolla 4WD, Audi)
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