Studded Tire Classes

Date: 07-02-2011 / Author: webmaster /

For drivers who want to go faster there are metal-to-ice classes. Essentially these classes are grouped the same way as the "rubber-to-ice" classes regarding engine location, displacement and driven wheels, but the regular tires are replaced with studded tires.

Menard brand studded tires are specified, providing close competition while helping maintain Minden's ice surface.

The driving skills required in metal-to-ice racing are quite different from those needed in the rubber-to-ice classes, because the additional traction provides tremendous improvements in acceleration, turning, and braking.

With the increase in speed comes a need for additional safety equipment in the form of a roll bar and a four-point harness. It is also in these classes that horsepower becomes a significant factor in the success of the car.

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