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04-05-2009, 07:02 PM
In 2009 CASC-OR has a new sponsor, iRacing.com motorsport simulations and members of CASC-OR affiliated clubs have been offered a special low price of $75.00 usd instead of the regular $156.00 for a full 1 year membership.

What is iRacing.com? It is an online, subscription-based racing simulation service that allows drivers from all over the world to build their skills, while accumulating valuable seat-time at a tiny fraction of the cost of real-world testing. The unique feature of iRacing.com is the hyper-detailed, ultra-realistic simulation with accurate track, vehicle and physics modeling that accurately duplicates the handling of the car, the feel of the track and the driverís sight picture from the cockpit. Of special interest for us, Mosport is expected to be added to the track availability during 2009. This is not a video game but a true simulation as used by pro drivers.

How do I sign up? For now please send a Private Message (PM) to Gwoody27 (Gary Wood) and I will gather the names and let you know what will happen next. I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Gary Wood
CASC-OR Autoslalom Director