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11-18-2009, 08:12 AM
1989 ex-Motorola Cup Pontiac Firebird 1LE package Showroom Stock class, number 89.

GM Motorsport 305, T5 transmission, welded diff. PS, PB, PW, Tilt Wheel (removable) Wipers, turn signals. Could be made street legal with Cat and Headlights.

This car is a blast to drive and has many suspension upgrades enabling a 1:41lap time at Mosport, and 2:19 at Watkins Glen, right at the head of its class in G70 and has several race wins this past season.

Never Winter Driven, solid chassis. Ready for 2010 with new rear rotors and pads, engine oil changed all safety equipment including fire suppression system, passenger seat for track days, Log book.

Dave King, Rodger Bailey, John Coome can all vouch for this car.

Ok, so after 20 years racing it has three layers of paint and is the ugly sister of 1LE cars, but for $8,989.89 it is a great entry into racing.

Run G70, GT, GT Challenge Cup, experience vintage racing at away tracks with SVRA at the Glen, Mt. Tremblant etc etc. there is simply no end to the fun factor and ease of maintenance with this car. Make it street legal and go to the Targa Newfoundland!

Any one interested should really come and see it or visit www.timewarpracing.ca for pictures.


12-02-2009, 10:30 PM
The Firebird has been sold and the new owner is looking forward to racing it in the GT Challenge series.


Check out our website www.timewarpracing.ca for another GM car for sale, a Players Series Camaro!

This is one that you would want to take to the dance, very presentable and ideal for the GT challenge series.

Find a co-driver and buy this car, because you don't want to have a boring summer and it can actually help you lose weight (well temporarily anyway).


12-03-2009, 07:58 AM
This Camaro is a consignment car, so no GST.

The owner is also interested in street car trades, Mustang, Vette, 944 etc.