View Full Version : FS: JDM B18C (TypeR) drivetrain parts

07-19-2012, 11:34 AM

Here is what is being sold as the powertrain:

-JDM B18C (Type R) block
-Weisco, forged pistons, 8.25cc dome, 0.25mm oversize
-Crower Maxilight forged high RPM, lightweight connecting rods
-ARP head studs
-ARP main studs
-new OEM ITR head (no cams)
-new Hasport high durometer engine mount kit
-new Hondata intake manifold heatshield spacer (not installed)
-new Kingmotorsports SS extended intake manifold studs
-new HyTech, large diameter, long tube, stainless header
-Comptech connection pipe between header and muffler
-new Burns Stainless 4" x 30" rebuildable muffler
-ITR transmission with OEM helical LSD
-new Raxles ITR swap axles
-Spoon CrMo flywheel
-new Exedy 6 puck clutch (not installed)
-AEM EMS programable fuel injection system with wideband
-original B18C VTEC engine wire harness
-new B18B non-VTEC engine wire harness
-94 Integra GSR distributor (2 years old, purchased new OEM)
-RC Eng. 440 cc injectors
-ITR valve cover, cut for adjustable gears
-skunk2 cam gears
-plus alternator, starter and all the various brackets and covers to put the engine together

Asking $5k. Located in Ottawa, Canada.

08-07-2012, 10:21 AM
Powertrain has been sold.