View Full Version : F BMW Cars For Sale

08-04-2012, 11:07 AM
The BMW's are all race ready sans liveries. 3 are white, 2 are red. All come with lots of gearing, spares we like to sell too. Have 3 spare gear boxes, engines, tools etc

Price for each FBMW, all 2003/2004 models with the latest updates and less than 20 hr engines, on used slicks with near new rain set and rims, 16 gears, buyer can select, some body parts, some bend but good A-Arms, uprights, full data logger, cable and software - C$ 23,000 each, delivered.

Buyer can also come to Halifax and test his car there at AMP for the day at cost - approx C$ 1,400 for the whole day.

Ingo Strackerjan
Atlantic Racing Team