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08-14-2012, 01:08 PM
1991 NX 2000, Black

Restored body 4 years ago:
• New sheetmetal for part of the floor, rockers, rear strut towers
• Removed all the rust from the car
• New windshield
Added 2 years ago:
• Custom made 6 point Roll Bar (2.75” Dia), generous bracing on bar to body mounting points
• Custom made rear strut tower reinforcement (aka “The Bridge”)
• Custom made front lower tie bar (3 mounting points)

• SR20VE (put about 9K km)
• N1 cams (bought used, 1000 km on them), will come with regular cams
• 19 row oil cooler with AN10 steel braided lines and oil relocation kit
• Used only 0w30 German Castrol, changed every 3,000km
• New plugs, cap on it
• 90A Polyurethane Engine and tranny mounts
• DE Maf installed (N60 will come with it)
• Calum Basic ECU with Moates Chip burner and software

• B15 close ratio (4.44 final) tranny with less than 8,000 km on it (bought it with 2,000 km through GSpec, with receipt to prove)
• MT90 since new
• Fidanza 8.8lbs flywheel
• JWT pressure plate (10K on it)
• Reinforced Street Disc (3K on it)
• Pacesettler short shifter
• ES shifter bushing
• Will include B13 tranny in perfect working condition

• 2.5” SSAC header
• High flow cat converter
• 2.5” mandrel bent custom exhaust (magnaflow: 18” resonator & muffler)

• Bits’n’Pieces 8611 KONI double adjustable struts (got them used with less than 1,000 km on them, I have put around 6,000km on them) – hands down the best suspension for this car
• 650 lbs in rear springs, 600 lbs in front springs
• Custom Made reinforced front control arms (~6 deg caster, wider front track)
• Spherical bearing ball joint
• Spherical bearing sway bar mount
• ES poly control arm bushings in front
• Bump Steer correction kit (spherical bearings)
• Stock front bar
• Adjustable rear sway bar
• Cusco Camber plates
• Current alignment offers very balanced handling

• Rebuilt NX front callipers (5K on them) w/ XP10 brake pads (50% left)
• Maxima rear callipers w/Stoptech Street pads (80% left)
• Altima Master Cylinder
• New brake lines all around (1 year old)
• RBF600 in the last 4 years
• Stainless steel hoses
• Custom 2.5” brake cooling aimed at the centre of the rotor

• Sparco sprint driver seat with custom welded mount (sliding)
• Small Steering wheel (made in Italy, not sure the brand)
o Will include s13 steering wheel as well
• Full gauge set, Coolant Temp, Oil Temp (sump), Oil Pressure, Voltage
• Full front interior, rear is semi-gutted (no rear seat or carpet, but with side trim)
• Consult Port with USB adapter

• Comes with 16x7 spoke wheels with 205/40/16 80% kumho ASX ultra high performance all season tires
• Optional (if the price is right), 15x7 38mm offset 14lbs rims with 205/50/15 30% RA-1’s

• B13 Transmission in perfect working order (stock FD)
• Stock control arms
• Stock tie rods
• Stock cams
• 2nd set of T-tops with great condition weatherstripping
• Moates burner + few sets of chips, with few tunes for N60 and DE mafs (stock and N1 cams)

The Good:
• Car is well sorted, very fast, with amazing handling balance - goes exactly where pointed
• Very stiff chassis due to the 6pt roll bar and other reinforcements
• No rust in usual problem areas
• Cheap to run, this is a third season on RA-1’s and XP10’s
• Gets good gas mileage 6.5-7.5 l/100 km highway
• Total sleeper – police have never stopped me as they don’t pay attention to it, surprises a lot of people at the track

The Bad
• Some bubbling on the rear fenders
• Steering is limited to 1.5 turns in each direction before the wheel rubs against the control arm – not an issue on the track or on the street except for tight parking lots

Some of my lap times on the car:
Shannonville (full): 2:07 (stock cams)
Cayuga: 1:27 (stock cams)

Reason for selling: Got a new "all season car" and have no parking/storage space as Nissan is a third car.

Asking $5,500 or reasonable offer


08-15-2012, 09:24 AM
Taking offers.

This car has a potential for high 30's to low 40's on the big track.

08-15-2012, 02:49 PM
This is a good car. Wojtek has done a good job of building it and the SR20VE makes it a potent track vehicle.

08-16-2012, 01:25 PM
Thanks Frank.

Taking offers...

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Would u be intetested in trade w mazda protege5, automatic?

08-23-2012, 11:38 AM
Would u be intetested in trade w mazda protege5, automatic?

Sorry no trades, the only reason why I have to sell this car is due to lack of parking space, 3 cars and 1 garage.

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