View Full Version : FS: Acura/Honda B18C5 Road Race Engine

08-17-2012, 02:31 PM
FS: Acura/Honda B18C5 Road Race Engine

B18C5 1832cc
83.1mm bore, 89mm Stroke
13.2:1 compression ratio
Fully built/sleeved/girdled close bottom end
knife edge/weighted/micro polished B18B crank
Forged Eagle rods & Wiseco pistons
5 way port & polished head (315 CFM)
Skunk 2 cams
Tapered exhaust/intake valves guides
Titanium valve springs and retainers
All bearings hand lapped & balanced
70mm Throttle body w. custom B16A high RPM intake manifold
Motec M4 w. wide band O2 pack, wiring harnesses
Includes Starter, Alternator, MSD ignition, MSD RPM limiter and distributor
front Drives shafts
Asking $5500 or B.O.

B18C tramisson with Quaife LSD and JDM 4.40 Final drive and Exedy clutch available at additional cost, may offer bundle price to a single buyer.

08-20-2012, 10:55 AM

Asking 5K. and willing to make a great deal if someone wants the trany aswell.