View Full Version : Toyo Coupons for CASC-OR members

07-30-2015, 10:52 AM
SPDA has $200 sets of Toyo coupons expiring this week ($200 off a set of 4 tires), and we're offering them to members of other CASC-OR clubs. These are valid at SPDA sponsor TalonTire.com, who ship to Ontario super cheap. Email info@talontire.com for a quote on R1R, RA1, RR or R888 options and let me know if you need a set of coupons.

(Additional Talon discount available to SPDA members, so you would essentially get shipping and membership free with your first order. But you don't have to sign up with us to get the coupons.)

Oh, and 2012 DOT date R1R's with 140 treadwear rating are on liquidation pricing. For my 15" size, it was an extra $50 saved per tire.