View Full Version : Ideas for Workshop Discussion

John P
11-01-2015, 04:27 PM
1. To allow easier optimization, split the front seat modification, 1 bPIP to .5 bPIP's for each front seat. Take .5 if add a fixed back driver's seat, and take .5 bPIP if remove the front passenger seat, or add fixed back passenger seat.

2. Increase the requirement for Race Weight from "Greater than 4 bPIPs" to "greater than 5 or even 6 bPIPs", to simplify competitor Approval process.

3. Add authorized modification of the rear bumper cover to allow for exhaust piping.

4. Aerodynamic improvement; removal of rear bumper skin any different than the authorized mod as 1 PIP.

5. Add sections to aero section to allow splitter greater than 4Ē away from the carís body outline as 2 PIPs and rear wings more than 4Ē as 3 PIPs.

6. Potentially bring BP PAX closer to regular PAX as the times required for faster cars are really fast. Donít have a definite % change yet.

7. Scoring discussion of iPAX vs PAX.

8. Combining classes discussion.