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11-08-2015, 06:05 PM
Thanks all again for coming. For those there, please correct me if you notice I've missed anything.

Assistance with lots

We want to put together a document this off season with some more detail about who we are, what we do and why it's not as ridiculously bad idea as it may sounds to let us conduct motorsports events on your property.

Will include details on us being sanctioned, insured, taking racing off the streets etc. We also want to include a section with contactable references for facilities that we enjoy a good relationship with.

Schedule Discussions

Essentially, we want to avoid the long travel single event sessions towards the end of the season that we had this year. We'll try and achieve this by running double headers for the long hauls (if necessary the Sat event can be something other than a regional).

We are going to have discussions with some member clubs to investigate if it's possible to "buddy up" with track day events and similar to use lots such as DDT paddock etc.

Pro-Solo Series

As discussed, loose plans made for three events at Molson Center, Picton and CTMP Paddock (celebration weekend).

General competition format will be 4 timed qualifying runs with competitors seeded for head to head eliminations from there.

We still need a volunteer to run this.

Rookie Help

Intent is to, firstly, offer a 3rd school day to the season that's intended more as a training day for our existing school grads and any others new to the series that want help on getting started.

We'll schedule this for a Saturday immediately before a Sunday regional to which school grads get free entry for. The Sunday regional will be billed as a "Rookie Regional Day" (only with a less lame name hopefully). This will still be a full regional event, but will feature instructed course walks, open door policy on riding in instructor cars and an effort on making a buddy system to pair new comers to veterans for the weekend.

Val has kindly been volunteered as our Rookie Driver's Rep and will be available for all "no question is too dumb" questions via email, Facebook, on site, spirit walks, etc.

Pro-series was good fun and did what it was billed for this season; adding an additional competitive element for our veteran competitors.

For next season, we're removing the stipulation that Pro-Series competitors cannot ride in other cars for the first part of the day.

The intent here is to allow this group of drivers to better assist less experienced competitors. Those taking the piss and clearly exploiting this will be asked to stop taking the piss and clearly exploiting this.