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11-16-2015, 10:19 AM
The discussion of sound issues at Calabogie Motorsports Park has crept into various posts in the past and they have been directly dealt with each time. However, because they are often buried in the post, sometimes not everyone has had an opportunity to hear/see the facts so, here they are.

I have described how at the 2014 Ted Powell Race we had one car not make the sound limit and, after we all worked with him to make it work, he completed the event without further issue. I have also described how at this year's event we had two cars break out with one finding out that his muffler had actually blown a hole in itself. We came up with a loaner muffler and he didn't miss one session. The second car we worked with and he also didn't miss one session.

We have been holding CASC Regional Races at Calabogie Motorsports Park since 2007 and I cannot recall ONE CAR being sent home that was unable to compete due to the sound limit. Just calculating the numbers for the Ted Powell Regional Race alone, that is 1350 cars!!!!! Not one sent home for a sound issue!!!

Mike Nilson, who as you know is at most regional races, has consistently offered to have his sound meter at any CTMP event so he can take sound readings for whoever asks him to. I would suggest that you might want to be a little bit ahead of it by checking in with him prior to the event, and then again at the event, so that he is aware of your request and when you are going to be on track looking for a reading to be taken.

Folks - you know that we work very hard to put on a great event for regional racers and try hard to eliminate any reason for anyone not going home completely satisfied with their experience at CMP. I can't help it if you hit something or your car craps out. I can make sure that the event runs safely, to the schedule, at a very high level of professionalism and with a respect and appreciation for the racers - who we consider our customers.

I am a racer - 25 years - I know what its like. Let's look for all of the ways how we can get out and go racing. Anyone can look for excuses and reasons why we cannot. That is simply not helpful or productive.


Terry Dale

Race Director
Motorsport Club of Ottawa
Calabogie Motorsports Park
IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Canada Series

11-22-2015, 09:12 PM
Terry and the team at MCO did an amazing job at helping me with a muffler failure that resulted in a dB failure this past summer. Thank you Terry and team for your diligence!!!!

Mike Nilson
11-23-2015, 12:59 PM
It is so easy to meet the requirements at CMP. Any concerns for next year, give me a call. I'm also a national level sound tech for SCCA. We can make it happen!

Mike Nilson
MCO Race director for the Ted Powell.