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01-19-2016, 11:07 PM
In 2015, G70 and G90 racing grids were renamed CLASSIC with an eligibility cut-off for G90 set at 1994.

For the 2016 racing season, the VARAC membership approved an increase of the cut-off date to 1995. Further, this change will automatically extend the eligibility each year so that we effectively have a 10 year eligibility period for G90 cars or year until 2020.

In short, the production date cut-off in 2016 will be 1995 – the subsequent table outlines rolling dates of eligibility

Year & Production Date Cut-off

2017 - 1996
2018 - 1997
2019 - 1998
2020 - 1999

In addition to the new eligibility requirements, continuation vehicles up to 1999 will to be eligible to run on the “CLASSIC” grid subject to the prior approval of the Eligibility Committee. Continuation rules allow production cars built after the official cut-off date (for 2016, 1995) to be eligible to compete if they retain similar visual appearance (bodywork and detail) and similar mechanical components to models built on or before the cut-off date. Further, note that cars may not be modified with features first used more than five years after the car’s production date.

In other words, you are not permitted to upgrade a 1994 E36 BMW with a 6 speed transmission from a 2001 E46 BMW. At no time will any cars or equipment post 1999 be allowed on the G90 grid. 2000 model cars or later will be eligible when VARAC deems appropriate.

For example:
Let’s assume you have a 1998 BMW 328 that had previously raced with either BMW Club Racing or CASC regional racing. This car is eligible to race with VARAC under the continuation rules as it’s body work and mechanical componentry are identical in all material respects to a 1995 BMW 328. This assumes the car has not been updated with a M3 motor from a 1999 car and a 6 speed transmission from a 2004 E46 328.

Please remember it is up to the owner to verify that cars meet the eligibility rules and conform to an appropriate point in time race series such as Motorola Cup, Firehawk, IMSA, SCCA, CASC etc.

VARAC has a very strong CLASSIC group, which we will continue to grow. We encourage everyone with old race cars in the garage to come out and join the CLASSIC grid for 2016. Our group is made up of outstanding people that want to race their cars in a competitive 13/13 safe manner.

If you have any questions regarding these changes and how they may apply to your situation, please contact me at the link below. Rules covering all VARAC car preparation standards and eligibility can be found on the VARAC website. Please follow the link below for more detailed information.

CLASSIC Rules and Regulations (http://varac.ca/carinfo/rules-regulations/)

Thank you,
Rob McCord

VARAC Classic Eligibility