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02-11-2016, 07:28 PM
For the car enthusiast and the scientist at heart !


Being a serious car guy with racing experience and custom projects this immediate application of Nano Technology into the auto performance sector is very exciting and something that is easily implemented. There's significant applications within personal vehicles, race cars, transportation fleets, as well as commercial, industrial lubricants that will benefit hugely from this new technology. If interested there is also much validation available within the internet's scientific community if interested.

I have known Valery for a few years and he is a real scientist, personal friend and businessman that has several valuable technologies. Please find below a link and introduction to his C60 NanoTechnology (unique Plasma Vacuum production); you'll want to at least check out the short video links within KickStarter which provide a simple overview and application of the product into everyday lubricants (and greases.) Happy to have you share this introduction with friends, family, associates and others that are interested in emerging and energy efficient technologies; a huge thanks to all and lets go Kickstarter ! Enjoy, Allan

LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1500270485/c60-fullerenes-additive-to-engine-oil-to-improve-p