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05-04-2016, 09:28 PM
The June 4/5 'Kyle Nash Memorial Race' at Calabogie Motorsports Park is going to be a pretty special event for everybody!

For Radical Racers - thanks to the efforts of Radical Canada's Robert Burgess - it is even more special!!

Robert fought for, and got, a schedule that has a Saturday Practice session, Qualifying session, and a 30 minute Race #1 for a total Radicals-Only on-track time of 60 minutes!!

Then, on Sunday morning, there is a Radicals-Only Warm-up, and 30 minute Race #2. That's 45 minutes!!


On Sunday afternoon, there is a Radicals-Only 30 minute Race #3!!!

Total Exclusive Track time for Radicals is..............135 minutes!!!

No class mixing!! The Radical Entry Fee as negotiated by Radical Canada is a bit higher in exchange for the added track time and longer races!!

Like it? Show how much by registering when it goes live on motorsportreg in the next day or two!!

GT Challenge races on Saturday!

The schedule has been specifically created to allow for lots of time for drivers to share a car and run it in GT Sprint and GT Challenge!!
Formula Libre is already showing a huge interest and we expect one of the larger grids ever!!

Plus CTCC has two 40 minute races - one on Saturday, one on Sunday.

All taking place at the longest track in Eastern Canada - Calabogie Motorsports Park - with 20 turns over 5.05 km!!

Want to know more? Click here - http://www.calabogiemotorsports.com/kyle-nash-memorial-race-weekend/

Or drop me a note.

Terry Dale, Race Director