View Full Version : Last Minute Stuff for Events 3 and 4

Dave Barker
07-06-2016, 10:26 PM
1) Camping is available and Myles tells me the washrooms in the tower at the DDT will be open

2) Saturday dinner tickets are $15 and tickets will be for sale in the morning. Menu is Salsa chicken (very good according to Paige), 2 salads, drinks and desert. Lunch is not provided and you will have to buy a ticket to the Mobil 1 Sport Car Race at MIR to get to use the restaurant there. In other words, bring your own lunch and daytime drinks. Coffee will be provided in the morning.

3) The DDT is booked with a corporate event on Saturday evening after us which means we have to be completely cleared from the track by 5 PM. It might mean only 3 competition runs.

4) We are attempting to install our own braking markers at 3 different straights on the track. We will see how they work out. They should provide more reference points than are usual on this track.

5) I will be conducting some clerking instruction during Saturday afternoon competition runs. Great way to get some experience with this satisfying job in the comfort of an air conditioned tower. Come up and get involved.

6) We will have new signs promoting OTA which may generate some interest from the fans of the Sports Car race next door. Please be prepared to talk to new folks who appear curious or at least direct them to one of the folks wearing an orange OTA official shirt.

Last minute check list
a) Car classified and PIP submission print out with you? (Not needed for RTC competitors)
b) Safety check list filled out?
c) Registered at Motorsportreg ?
d) Good helmet, long sleeved shirt and pants with closed toe shoes?
e) TA licence at least applied for?
f) CASC affiliate club membership? (Available at the track)
g) Ready to have fun ?

07-07-2016, 08:12 AM
1) Camping is available and Myles tells me the washrooms in the tower at the DDT will be open

Does this mean that the washrooms will be open all night for campers, or just during the day? Any idea if the Showers near turn 8 at the big track will be available to us as they have been in the past.


Dave Barker
07-07-2016, 01:08 PM
Myles tells me that the washrooms will be available all night but not sure about the showers.

07-07-2016, 09:49 PM
Do we have access to Fuel and food at the big track for the weekend?

Dave Barker
07-08-2016, 06:59 AM
I don't think we will have any access to the big track.

07-08-2016, 05:31 PM
Just for future reference, are the gates at the DDT unlocked at a specific time on Fridays for overnight campers? 5:00 PM? 6:00?

I arrived at 4:00 to find them locked. I thought it might be to keep the crowds going to the Grand Prix track from using it for overflow parking.

OTOH, I've never arrived in Bowmanville this early before. :(

Dave Barker
07-08-2016, 09:39 PM
I guess that is just some bad timing. I arrived at 5 PM and found the gates open and the washrooms in the building open. Already a few campers there.

I guess the DDT wasn't booked for Friday so the gates were locked earlier. Normally they are open.

Interesting that while we were setting up the track that Ron Fellows himself was bedding in the brake pads on a few C7 Corvettes that will be used for the Corporate event on Saturday PM. Pretty slow compared to what was going on next door and he promised not to hit us.