View Full Version : Last Call For BARC's Canadian Touring Trophy Races

07-26-2016, 10:57 PM
OK, it’s not really last call. Tomorrow, though, is the last day you can enter BARC’s Canadian Touring Trophy Races before the late entry fee becomes applicable. Save yourself $30 and enter today!

This event will be held on July 30-31, 2016 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Online registration is open and can be accessed from this link (http://msreg.com/16barcctt).

We have more than 140 pre-entries so we will have great fields in all race groups with lots of people to race against. The weather forecast for the weekend looks good for sunny days and great racing!

We've made some slight adjustments in the event schedule in response to some customer inquiries and comments.

The Miller's Oils F1200 entries have been moved into the FLibre group (instead of running with Vintage), and as long as the number of entries justify it, they'll have a split start in races.

The Toyo Tires F1600 races have been moved earlier in the schedule (their last race is the first after lunch on Sunday).

For your convenience, here's a link to the revised schedule (http://www.casc.on.ca/sites/default/files/2016_ctt_schedules_0722.pdf).

The featured race will be the fourth round in the North American Radical Cup, and with more than twenty Radical sports racers entered we expect an outstanding show from them. The event will have races for ALL CASC-OR race classes / groups, and BARC and CASC-OR have put together a number of special one-time offers to give you great value for your entry fees this weekend!

• This is the final event in which those of you who raced in the first event of the season can use your “100 Reasons To Race” $100 credit from CASC-OR – there are more than fifty of you who haven’t taken advantage of this yet! Remember, they expire after this weekend!

• Remember too that there is a Returning Racer Program in place for 2016 – if you last raced more than three years ago, you can enter your first event back for $100 – contact Ted Michalos for approval for this offer

• To give you something to do with your $100 credit, and to drive participation in the GT Challenge event, we are offering all sprint entries the opportunity to enter the GT Challenge One Hour race for $100!

This applies to everyone – if you enter any GT Sprints, Open Wheel, Classic or Vintage class and have a car eligible to run in the GT Challenge race, $100 gets you on the grid. Remember that you can share a car between drivers in GT Challenge! And this offer works both ways - GT Challenge entries may choose to enter the GT Sprint class races for the same $100 charge!

• NEW!!! We were going to make these two offers good for the race only, but competitor response has been so great for our event we are giving back – the $100 entry for GT Challenge or GT Sprints is good for ALL sessions, practice, qualifying, or race! That’s right – enter one race group at the normal $500 entry, get ANOTHER 100 minutes of track time for $100

• In each of the five "regular" GT Challenge classes, one competitor's name will be drawn at random to receive a $300 credit that can be applied to a future GT Challenge entry at the Ted Powell Memorial at Calabogie, the BEMC Indian Summer (3 Hour) at CTMP, or the CASC-OR Celebration Of Motorsports at CTMP.

• GT Sprints qualifying will be split even though the races will be combined – 10 minutes each for GT1-2 and GT3-4-5

• Despite the packed event schedule (we will be starting at 8:30 in the morning and plan to be running until around 6:00 PM each day) our target is that every race will have a minimum of 75% of its length under the green flag. We are stating right up front that we will not run behind the pace car and let the racing time tick away – if we foresee a lengthy cleanup from an early incident we’ll stop the race and the clock so competitors get the racing they came for.

You have Monday to rest – come on out and join us for what promises to be one of the best ever Canadian Touring Trophy events in its fifty-two year history!