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08-03-2016, 10:02 AM
Come out to TLMC's "ProSoloRing" on Saturday August 13th! See the attached course preview below!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. (https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/tlmc-prosoloring-2016-event-6-barrie-molson-centre-twin-lakes-motor-club-885315) Registration via Motorsport Reg is MANDATORY.

This event is NOT for newcomers. If at any point we feel that you are incapable of navigating the course without posing a risk to other competitors, you will be removed from competition with out refund.

Event Schedule:

- 8:00 am - Registration Opens
- 9:00 am - Registration Closes
- 9:30 am - Driver's Meeting (All Drivers Must Attend)
- 9:45 am - Qualification Round Begins
~12:30 pm - 1 hour Lunch Break
~1:30 pm - Driver's Meeting (All Drivers Must Attend)
~1:45 pm - Elimination Round Begins
- 4:30 pm - Grudge Matches End (Time Permitting)

Event Format:

Morning Session - Qualifying
- Drivers will get four runs (possibly six, depending on number of entries), two (or three) on each course
Lunch Break
- Drivers will be placed in an order approximating fastest to slowest (and numbers re-assigned)
Afternoon Session - Elimination
- The two "slowest" competitors (highest numbers) will race each other (the competitor with the higher car number gets choice of lane)
- The winner (best two of three) moves on to challenge the next fastest competitor
- Continue in this fashion until there is a winner
- All drivers will get a minimum of 6 runs total
- If there is time at the end of the event, we will have "grudge matches."


- Wrong Way = Immediately removed from competition
- Red Light = DNS
- Spin Causing Red Flag = DNF
- Cones in the Stop Box = DNF
- Off Course = DNF
- Cones on Course = 2 second penalty

If you incur a penalty during the afternoon competition, you automatically lose that run. If both drivers incur penalties, the competitor with the more severe penalty loses. The order of severity is as noted above. If both drivers hit pylons, the driver who hits the most loses. If both drivers hit the same number, the driver that crosses the finish line first wins.


There will be four classes as follows:
- FWD-S - Front Wheel Drive - Street Tire
- AWD-S - All Wheel Drive - Street Tire
- RWD-S - Rear Wheel Drive - Street Tire
- R-Comp - R-Compound Tires (All drive configurations)

Entry fees:
- $35 for non-TLMC members
- $25 for TLMC members

You can become a TLMC member HERE (http://www.twinlakesmc.org/html/membership.html).

All helmets MUST meet the criteria outlined HERE (https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.asncanada.com%2FASN_Solosport%2FASN_Solosport_Bulletin_2010-3_Helmet%2520Standards.pdf). Note that Snell 2000 helmets are only good until the end of this year.

- Marshaling will be determined at the event. All competitors are expected to marshal during the event.
- All cars must have a number clearly displayed on both sides of the car.
- Two driver cars should only have one number visible while on course.
- If sharing a car, each driver must register and pay separately. Please make sure the shared vehicle is shown on both drivers' MotorsportReg.com profile/garage.
- Passengers Allowed. We will allow non-competing passengers. Drivers will have a wristband on their left wrist, spectators/passengers will have another colour wristband on their right wrist. If you have a passenger in the car, you will both be required to show your wristbands to the starter as you approach the starting line. If at any point a competing driver is found to be a passenger in another competitor's car, both drivers will be immediately eliminated from the event.
- The Event and/or Series Organizers have the right to refuse entry or disqualify a competitor from competition for any reason. Decisions of the organizers are final.

If you have any questions, please post them here, or PM me.

08-03-2016, 02:01 PM
DAMN, I am working that day! :mad:

08-12-2016, 01:10 PM
Updated map!

Don't let the weather man scare you away...he's been wrong all summer long!

08-15-2016, 10:14 AM
Weather man wasn't wrong. It rained.

But there were people who were a bit patient with the weather and had wicked fun slinging their cars around. They were rewarded.