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Grant Galloway
08-03-2016, 03:16 PM
I need some help... Anyone who has any experience in ownership of a call hauler please feel free to provide some insight...

Looking to buy a car hauler.. I own a 2015 F150 ext cab 2.7 EB it is a great tow vehicle with a 7600 lb rating, I have previously towed my car on an open trailer with all gear I was 5500lbs and it towed like a champ averaging 15L/100

My question is more specific around the haulers themselves. I am looking for a 20ft enclosed trailer

But I don't want to spend an atrocious amount of $$$ either, do I need torsion suspension, do I need it to be 8.5ft wide or is an 8ft trailer okay? also 3500lb axles vs 5000lb axles.

What would your order or buy if you were to do it all over again?


max attack
08-03-2016, 06:23 PM
The added drag from going enclosed make a HUGE difference,that baby eoboost will add 10L/100 over your mileage with an open trailer.

I tow a miata and to avoid the need for a massive truck and storage space for the massive truck/trailer I went with a 16x7 enclosed,I use a simple electric winch in the front to pull the car in/let it out.

I built a shelf above the hood of the car for tools etc that also holds 4 wheels/tires with mounts on the V-nose to hold another 4 if needed.

Works just fine for me,I have no interest in doing major repairs at the track so no need for spare transmissions/engines and the like.

My previous enclosed was a high end Wells Cargo with torsion axles,the new one is lower end generic trailer I had built with a lower roof height.Good 'ol spring axles and brakes on all 4 wheels...tows and rides just fine.

Guess its really about how much you want to spend vs how much you have to spend/what you want it to do vs what you need it to do.

Pulling the car in with a cable isn't really any more trouble than driving it in and trying to crawl out of a jungle jim cage with a partially open door.

I tow my rig just fine with a V8 4runner.

08-03-2016, 08:23 PM
You'll get a million opinions. Here is mine fwiw:

Check this thread for the MTO summary. Going enclosed opens up a number of issues with respect to weight/licencing and inspections:

http://www.casc.on.ca/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=256880 - post number 35

7000 limits you with respect to cargo - if you go aluminum enclosed you can carry more cargo within the limits. 10,000 gets you a lot more margin but adds weight to the trailer. You are tow vehicle limited.

Don't forget about axle ratings.

8.5 is preferred
I like leaf springs - you can check all the pros/cons opinions on the interweb.

My setup Dodge Ram regular cab 4x2 Hemi 9200 tow capacity. Neo aluminum 18 foot V nose (which gives you about 22ft) 7000 capacity. I get 18L/10 at 100kph.

Chris Lawson
08-04-2016, 09:27 AM
How much does your race car weigh? If you buy a trailer with 3500 lbs axles, you can only carry 3500 lbs, which isn't a lot if your car is 3000 lbs. I always go with 5000 lbs axles. You can carry more, and better at re-sale. Go with a wider trailer.

I had a 24' Pace trailer with 5000 lbs axles, it weighed ~4000. I currently have a 28' enclosed with 5000 lbs axles, and it is 4350 empty. With car, tool box, compressor, generator, spares, food, fuel, tires etc I am about 9000 lbs. I have used 3 different tow vehicles with the enclosed trailers

1) 1997 Ford F250 7.3L Diesel; 19L/100 km
2) 2005 Ford F350 6.0L Diesel: 21L/100 km
3) 2006 Chev 2500HD 6L gas: 26L/100 km

I also had a 2008 Ford F150 with the 4.6 gas that I pulled a Camaro on an open trailer. I got 21L/100km with that truck.

Another consideration is you GCWR, which I think is 13,300 lbs. I believe your truck is about 5200 Lbs, so you have 8000 Lbs roughly for trailer, passengers, gear etc before you get to the max weight of the truck, trailer, and load.

And lastly, Ford says the frontal area of a trailer should be 55 sq feet or less for yoru truck. Frontal Area is the total area in square feet that a moving vehicle and trailer exposes to air resistance. The chart shows the
limitations that must be considered in selecting a vehicle/trailer combination. Exceeding these limitations may significantly reduce the
performance of your towing vehicle. Selecting a trailer with a low-drag, rounded front design can help optimize performance efficiency.

Grant Galloway
08-04-2016, 12:26 PM
The car currently weighs in about 2900 I bring some spare tires and fuel, some other things probably less than 500lbs.

I may end up going with a cap to lock things up and an open aluminum trailer.


08-04-2016, 12:35 PM
How much does your race car weigh? If you buy a trailer with 3500 lbs axles, you can only carry 3500 lbs, which isn't a lot if your car is 3000 lbs. I always go with 5000 lbs axles. You can carry more, and better at re-sale. Go with a wider trailer.

It's 3500# per axle, as most trailers have 2 axles, 7000# is plenty. I had a 24' enclosed with 3500# axles without issues, towed behind a 5.7L Suburban. But I guess once you factor in the weight of the trailer itself ....

8.5' is definitely the way to go ... strapping and loading is so much easier, and you can even have some cabinets on the sides. There are plenty of used trails for decent $, and unless you want something custom, I'd go the used route and spend a little on maintenance.