View Full Version : TO: F1200 Racers!!!

08-15-2016, 04:20 PM
The CMP Ted Powell Race is this weekend and we tried to make it worth your while to think about racing with us by having F1200-dedicated qualifying sessions; split grid starts with your own pace car; and having your own dedicated grid behind the VARAC V/H grid. Plus 100 minutes of track time!! And I would commit to doing exactly that even with only three F1200's registered!!

So, I'm not sure why but as of right now, there are no/zero/nada/rien/zippola F1200 entries for the CMP Ted Powell Race.

We want you!!! Try this!! How about if any F1200's show up, you can choose which race group you want to run with - Formula Libre or VARAC V/H?

Tell me what you need to get you to come on out and race with us???

Terry Dale

Race Director
Calabogie Motorsports Park