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01-29-2017, 10:10 PM
In 2017, we are working in conjunction with Brack Driving Concepts.
There will be a Spring Fling at Shannonville as well as a CASC/ASN Race School.
The dates are Friday April 28th
Sat. April 29th
Sun. April 30th
Registration is now open...

There will be lapping/testing as well as CASC tech inspections.
I will be posting more on this soon.
In the mean time feel free to contact :

Brack Driving Concepts


For those people who are VERY experienced, ( Time Attack, etc. ), CASC will also have a mini school on the Friday test day of the first race weekend. Anyone who could not do Shannonville could apply to the CASC Chief Instructor for this. If your Bio ( experience ) is acceptable, and you have all your paperwork in order... waiver, medical, etc, you could be licensed and ready to go for the following Saturday morning... providing you pass.
You would be able to do everything on the same day. Bring your race car and off you go.

Driveteq is also another venue that will be able to help people get to the point of being qualified to apply for a license.

Another option may be the BMW Club Race School if you wanted to do BMW Club Racing or CASC.

I will be posting more about these very soon.

The idea here is to make getting your license much easier and to make schools more accessible.
We will be able to accommodate people throughout the year in many different ways.