View Full Version : F1200 Driver Contingency Program

01-30-2017, 09:00 PM
As the beginning of the 2017 season approaches, the Canadian F1200 series is pleased to announce a Driver Contingency Program for each race weekend during the 2017 Season.

This program will be based on a lottery system and drawn at random. The draw will be executed after the final race of the weekend and handed out at the podium ceremonies. This program will be open to ALL FTDA members who have entered the race weekend. The recipients of these rewards must be present during the presentation. Otherwise, another FTDA member who have entered the race weekend will be drawn.

The rewards will consist of 3 monetary rewards.

Reward #1 $400
Reward #2 $200
Reward #3 $100

Please follow up on the F1200 website shortly for further information on this program as well as membership information.