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02-01-2017, 02:47 PM
Hi: I see some references to what to do about making the older cars competitive in the street category.

Barry and I worked on this and came up with bulletin 3-AS-15 which allows certain changes to suspension, wheels/tires, and brakes.

These are for 1968 and earlier cars as listed in their respective SCCA classes in the "stock" classes.

The philosophy being that these cars were designed for bias ply tires and in a period when suspension refinements were relatively crude.

We felt that after 1968, cars were starting to be produced that were much more refined, hence that cut-off.

Pls look it over if you have such a car. Always great to see and hear some of those old guys especially the ones with Webers howling around a circuit.

--Eric Brunner (Past President of St. LAC)