View Full Version : OTA needs you HELP!!!

02-24-2017, 03:54 PM
We are on a huge push to make OTA more noticed in the world of social media.

We need a large social media presence to continue growing our sponsorship base. The more followers and likes we get on all the OTA content will drive manufactures to OTA for sponsorship. The more sponsorship we get the lower the cost of competition and more prizes for our competitors.

Please head over to Facebook and give the OTA page a like and be sure to check it out regularly for not only OTA content but exciting motorsports in general.

Download the Instagram app and search for @ontariotimeattack follow the page and tag some friends.

For 2017 Im going to be building events on Facebook for every round as well as the open house at JRP. Please go on to Facebook and invite all your friends to each event.

If you or your friends have some pictures that you would like to have shared send them my way and we will use it both on Instagram and Facebook.

Last but not least, this is a full time job just to keep the social media machine chugging along!! Please if you have some free time and feel you can help the program, contact me timeattackdov@gmail.com and ill get you setup to post.