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03-13-2017, 10:01 PM
From myself and SPDA, Thank you, Gerry. I know that you’ve invested a lot of heart, soul and especially time to make OTA better. You’ve championed a fantastic independent sponsorship that puts OTA on manageable footing for 2017. Your work with volunteers has the series staffed for success. I hope to see you instructing at and entering events this year. You’ve laid the groundwork for a great turn around and I hope that you can just enjoy being a competitor again!

For series regulars, rest assured that OTA still has the same club leadership as before from OMSC, SPDA and TAC and is continuing on the path that Gerry has worked to set this winter. All three OTA Club Presidents, Representatives and the extended organizing group have endorsed me to do the work of series Coordinator / Director until elections in November.

You may have noticed that Dov Aronoff, SPDA’s new Time Attack Ambassador is leading a team to revitalize social media. If you aren’t already following us on Instagram, add @ontariotimeattack. For Facebook, it’s https://www.facebook.com/OntarioTimeAttack/

Efforts are under way to secure more sponsorship to make OTA more rewarding for what you pay. That’s going to involve a more professional look to our cars so that everyone looks better to sponsors in pictures.

I hope that Mr. Tan comes back to help us with photos again this year! All photographers and videographers are welcome because you just can’t have enough media! Contact me in advance about access so that we set you up safely.

And, I am excited to mention that we have a prestigious job opening! Mr. Perry Rautanen needs a protégé to enjoy the shade and comfort of the Timing Van. He’s put in a long stint as Timing Guru and would love to share the joys of being first to know the results, and hearing all the marshal chatter about who is gaining time by using what curbing! We provide amazing training in this role, so let Perry or myself know if you can take on the luxurious appointments of the Timing Crew!

Our Open House is April 1st, hosted again by our friends at JRP. There will be special pricing available only at the Open House, so please plan to come down. There are rumours of samosas…

I’ll see you at the track!