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05-13-2017, 08:26 PM
Hi All:

Event 1 is coming soon! So, there are some things that need to happen, and some information to share.

1. Registration

If you haven't already registered, please do so now! We're already filling up, and I expect the remaining spots will go quickly. Registration is accomplished using Motorsport Reg. Link follows:


If you don't have an account with MS Reg, it's easy to set one up, and you'll use that account for all future registrations. If you don't have all the necessary information to hand (like car classification, for instance), don't worry, you can edit your account anytime to add or modify your profile. What we do need is your registration, so we know who is coming!

2. We need corner marshals (and we have a deal for you!)

This is the job: We don't have MMS at this event, so we've decided to do our marshalling on our own. We need at least three volunteers to act as corner marshals, preferably six. Those with prior OTA competition experience will be very welcome, as we'll need the marshals to be judges of fact during competition runs to make the call on whether a competitor goes two wheels off. You'll be busy during competition runs between 1PM and 5PM, and you will need to be present at the drivers' meetings. We're running three sessions, and we'll try to manage the schedule so there's a break.

Here's the deal: Come out, and you get either: morning lapping or, if you choose not to lap, a stipend of $100. Your choice. I'll just need to know in advance.

How to sign up: Please send me a PM on the CASC Forums, or an email at ontariotimeattack [AT] gmail [DOT] com. First come, first served!

3. Supplemental Regulations

The supplemental regulations for this event are ready, and are posted on our website.


4. Update (or enter) your car classification

If you are going to run the iPax classes, then please update your car classification using the car classification database:


If you are running RTC classes, all we need from you is your declaration of the class your car conforms to. RTC car classifications are set out in Section 7 of the Rulebook.


I'm really looking forward to starting the season with a great event. Register now, if you haven't already to avoid disappointment. Four weeks to go! :)

05-31-2017, 05:23 PM

We still have a need for more volunteer marshals at this event, Saturday June 10 at TMP. Details in the post above. It's a fun job, and we have a great deal for you if you come out. Morning lapping or a $100 stipend.

if you are interested, please contact me by PM on this forum or at ontariotimeattack[at]gmail[dot]com

Dave Barker
05-31-2017, 10:31 PM
Also VERY importantly, it appears we have a good number of entries for event 1 but a number of folks do not have their cars classified. This is fine if you are running RTC classes but otherwise you NEED to have your car classified and it seems there are still some 20 or so folks who have not.

Remember when making your submission to the CCC to fill in the required information for all the mods you have made, especially the tire brand and model.

Unfortunately, I need to remind folks that if you have aftermarket "coilover" units you have to claim both the springs AND the shocks. Also if you have just installed "coilovers" you likely have a non stock alignment (which is also 1 sPIP) so unless you have returned your car to stock tolerance alignment, you are required to claim the alignment sPIP as well.

06-01-2017, 02:32 PM
Unfortunately, I need to remind folks that if you have aftermarket "coilover" units you have to claim both the springs AND the shocks. Also if you have just installed "coilovers" you likely have a non stock alignment (which is also 1 sPIP) so unless you have returned your car to stock tolerance alignment, you are required to claim the alignment sPIP as well.

Just to clarify more on this, it doesn't matter if you have aftermarket hardware to adjust the alignment or not, if the alignment of the car falls outside the OEM specs you have to claim the alignment PIP. Many cars will fall outside the range if you have lowering springs installed without adjusting it back within spec.

06-01-2017, 04:26 PM
Does motorsport.reg show how many spots are left?? I need to spend the money Mazda sent me.

06-01-2017, 04:35 PM
Not many, and we're not holding any. ;)

06-01-2017, 04:57 PM
It’s just over a week now until our first event. I can hardly wait! We want to be sure everyone has a great day and has maximum track time. After all, that’s what you’re paying for! So, can we ask you take a few minutes now to do a bit of planning so things go smoothly at the beginning of the day. Most of this will be old hat to regular competitors, but for those of you who are new, the following may be of assistance. Regular competitors should also take note of important items of information set out below respecting track admission.
Before the event
1. Classify your car
If you are running the iPax classes, use the CCDB to enter the details of your car and submit your completed PIP schedule to the Car Classification Committee. http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/ If you are running RTC classes, refer to section 7 of the rulebook to determine your class and be ready to specify that class to the Registrar when you register. We will have a member of the Car Classification Committee with a computer available to deal with any last minute classification issues you may have.
2. Fill out your Tech Sheet
All competitors must prepare and submit a vehicle self-check form to the scrutineers during tech inspection. http://time-attack.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2012_vehicle_self_check_form.pdf All you need is your car, your helmet, and the completed self-check form and you’re ready for tech!
3. Be ready for a day outside
Many of us are focused on preparing our cars, but don’t forget yourself! Bring a hat, sunscreen, jacket, or whatever you’ll need for the day, including snacks. We’ll provide lots of water for everyone to drink. Lunch is available at the track concession.
4. Register on MS Reg!
If you haven’t yet registered, now’s the time to do it, as the event is filling up. Don’t wait until the day of the event unless you absolutely have to. We will take registrations on the day of the event if there’s space, but why risk disappointment if we’re full? There’s no need to pay when you register online, we’ll take payment when you get to registration on Saturday. Cash or credit card will work fine. http://casc.motorsportreg.com/
Arriving at the event
1. Plan to arrive early
There’s a lot to do before we get on track, so plan to arrive before 7:30 AM so there’s ample time to get through registration, tech inspection, obtain and install the new door cards and windshield banner, in addition to whatever else you need to do to get your car ready. My notes from last year’s event indicate that we started about 15-20 minutes late and had to curtail the first practice/lapping session so as to get back on time. This year we want to avoid that so we are on track at 9:00 AM sharp so as to maximize everyone’s time on track.
2. At the track gate
Identify yourself to the people at the track gate as a participant in Ontario Time Attack. If you have family, crew or spectators coming, be sure to tell them to do the same. Admission to the track is free for OTA competitors, crew, volunteers and spectators. BUT, there is drag racing also taking place at the track all weekend, including Friday night, and to avoid paying an admission fee, it is necessary to indicate that you are there for Ontario Time Attack. Otherwise, you may be charged a gate fee. If you’re arriving on Friday night and will be lapping or camping overnight, the same applies. We are providing a list of all registered competitors to the track on Friday just to be sure they’ll know who you are.
Getting ready
1. See the Registrar
The registrar should be your first point of contact, as soon as you have arrived. The registrar will:
• Confirm your attendance at the event and deal with waivers and participant wrist bands
• Issue the necessary Time Attack license and Club membership if you don’t already have one
• Confirm your car number or issue you a number you will use at this and future events
• Issue you an RFID tag to identify your car to the electronic scoring system if you do not already have one, or confirm your existing RFID tag number and;
• Direct you to the people who will provide you with your door cards and windshield banner.
2. Take your car, helmet and vehicle self-check form to the scrutineers
We will have two scrutineers to help speed tech. If you’re prepared, it won’t take long.
3. Install your door cards and windshield banners
This shouldn’t take long, but it would be a good idea for you to have a razor knife or scissors in case there’s any trimming to be done, and some black electrical tape to put on the leading edge of door cards that have been ordered with magnetic backing.
4. Driver’s meeting at 8:40 AM sharp!
5. Questions, concerns, SNAFU’s
Please come and see me and I’ll try to help you sort things out. We’ll also post a list of officials that are working on the day so you can identify the people you need to see.
6. Access your laptimes
We aren’t using the TV to display laptimes anymore, so please bring a phone or tablet so that you can log on to the scoring network and access your laptimes. Instructions on how to do this will be posted at registration.
7. Have Fun!

06-01-2017, 06:53 PM
Hi Gary. Is there any spots left? I was on motorsportreg and it only shows morning lapping no time attack?
Thanks Saures

06-01-2017, 07:05 PM
All good. I am Registered now.

06-02-2017, 12:46 PM
There are only 6 spots left.

06-09-2017, 09:10 AM
All, Thanks for your support. Woe are sold out for event 1 and can't take new competitors at the track.
It promises to be a great event. See you at the track and don't forget to tell the gateworkers that you are with OTA so you can avoid entry charges.

06-10-2017, 05:03 PM
Great event today guys!

While I only did the morning lapping, it was good to see a strong showing of competitors today for the OTA.

This will be the only event I join you guys, but good luck to all the competitors for the rest of the series!