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05-29-2017, 11:46 PM
If you are entered for an event this season, you should have received this Email. If not, copy, and paste your responses in an email to timeattack[at]casc[dot]on<dot>ca

Greetings, fellow Drivers!

You may have read in the forum that we are going to a more professional graphics look for 2017 to improve our marketability for future sponsorship. As a registered competitor, OTA will order for you a set of two (2) door cards and one (1) windshield banner at no additional cost than your event entry. These are premium 3M/equivalent low tack material, and are easy to apply without bubbles. They remove in seconds six months later with no residue. The event decal set is required for events, but not if you are only doing schools and lapping.

We can supply and offer mounting of your door cards to magnet material for $10 per set of two.

If you have fibreglass or other non-magnetic doors and don’t want to leave the cards on your car between events, you can order extra sets of door cards for $20 a set of two. Three (3) extra sets will get you through the TMP, CTMP GP, DDT and Shannonville weekends.

Your first set of door cards will come with your MSREG listed class as of when you registered there for your events. If you want to change classes, overlays for the class will be provided at no additional cost.

Please fill out the following questionnaire to confirm that we have the right data:

Car #:
Mount my two Door Cards on Magnets for $10 (Yes or No):

I would like extra door card sets at $20 per set of two (No thanks, or ____# of extra sets):

If possible, I’d like to drive out to pick up the decals before June 10th in the (West End / Central / East End / No thanks-I’ll get them at the event):

I only intend to do the CTMP GP school and / or lapping, no actual OTA Events (Yes / No I’ll do Events):

Thanks for your fast response!

Stephen Deneka
VP-SPDA-online.ca, OTA and CASC-OR Time Attack Director