View Full Version : NA Tires Race Winners Compound Awards for 2017 BEMC Spring Trophy Races

06-05-2017, 03:10 PM
Congratulations to the Podium Finishers at the BEMC Spring Trophy Races this past May 15th at CTMP. As part of the NA Tires USA Winners Compound, along with the hats and finishing stickers, the podium finishers also have received NA Tires Dollar awards that can be redeemed in purchasing NA Tires USA Products. What is great is that everyone who finished on the podium, gets an award whether or not you were competing on NA Tires Racing Tires.

The Prize Winners are as follows;

GT Challenge

1st Place - #97 Tom Calusic/ Frank Ho $200 Award

1st Place - #18 Lindsey Rice/ Marco Cirone $200 Award
2nd Place - #715 Serge Tousignant $150 Award
3rd Place - #106 Mark Durant/ Ian Madden $100 Award

1st Place - #147 Sam Fellows/ Jordon Robinson $200 Award
2nd Place - #35 Larry Caruso/ Daniel Bois $200 Award (On NA Tires)
3rd Place - #101 Paul Taylor $100 Award

1st Place - #28 Piotr Nytko $200 Award
2nd Place - #717 Matt Savini/ Chantal Carter $150 Award
3rd Place - #181 Craig Daley/ Jeff Daley $100 Award

GT Sprints

1st Place - #487 Michael McGahern $200 Award
2nd Place - # 251 Blaise Csida $150 Award
3rd Place - #828 Marco Cirone $100 Award

1st Place - #27 Marc Raymond $200 Award
2nd Place - #53 Rocco Marciello $150 Award
3rd Place - #81 Michael Delledonne $100 Award

1st Place - #7 Rick Franzack $200 Award
2nd Place - #18 Lindsey Rice $150 Award

1st Place - #50 Mark McDonald $200 Award
2nd Place - #91 Lloyd Service $150 Award
3rd Place - #43 Ian Law $100 Award

1st Place - #007 Anthony Magagnoli $200 Award
2nd Place - #95 Michelle Laframboise $150 Award
3rd Place - #220 Terry Mueller $100 Award

Congratulations to all of the award winners from the first event. There will be a mailing going out shortly from the CASC Race Director with a Special Offer on NA Tires that will include free delivery to the June 24th Weekend at CTMP or the Shannonville round 2 weeks after. Ordering information will be included in the mailing and it will give racers a chance to use up your money on some excellent race tires and have them hand delivered by the guys from NA Tires USA.

Eric Nummelin