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06-26-2017, 11:47 AM
You've got to love acronyms. So here's what I learned (WIL)

I have to start with an apology to those attending the closing meeting for my uncharacteristic and rather loud outburst. It was the end of a long stressful day at the end of a long stressful week. No excuses, just apologies.

1. Mosport's variable weather reputation is well earned. Wev all had a front row seat. We had heavy downpours and a dry track within 2 hours and outstanding times were set. It proves again that OTA has a high class field of drivers and cars. Remarkable.

2. Sharing with Race Division was interesting and challenging. It certainly made organizing and timing much more difficult but I am interested to hear from everyone what you thought about the idea. Come on Let us know.

2b. Race competitors each get less track time than OTAers and it seems that at least in GT Sprint they have an unfortunate habit of hitting each other. There were a number of full course cautions that reduced the fun factor, but there was some great racing too. Something for everyone to think about.

3. Not a new lesson but a difficult one. When you run a unique vehicle with a different engine you soon learn that most places don't stock your parts, even simple things. I found that I had extremely fouled spark plugs for the first time in 14 years, but don't carry spares. Nobody else does either, especially on Sunday. Damn.

4. The timing van can seat 4 during a major rainstorm and keep them all dry. It gets a bit funky though and it helps to have a good sense of humour and poor sense of smell.

5. Inside turn 10 is an awesome place to watch for the commitment and skill of our drivers. ChrisP, Eric R and David Maynard stood out to me from a very capable group of high quality drivers.

6. This is a special year for OTA. Many of our newest drivers have very good skills and will soon be running at the front. The school was very well attended and numerous students ran the event to good affect. Outstanding.

7. A final word about the man who organized both days of the weekend. If you haven't been involved in organizing and running an event you have no idea of the time and commitment it takes to make it work. It is extensive and time consuming. Stephen Deneka deserves a medal. He has a full time + job working across North America (St. Louis right now I think) and is forever flying home at the last minute, yet he spends his time doing this organizing role so that we all have a place to race and don't have to think of much else but having fun. Next time you see Stephen, please give him a hug. He deserves it.

That's my $0.02. What did you learn?

06-26-2017, 12:26 PM
I learned that I really missed attending this year, after spending the last 2 years with OTA at the big track.

06-26-2017, 01:36 PM
I learned that I really missed attending this year, after spending the last 2 years with OTA at the big track.

Ya I missed being there too. Broken CAI with no replacement parts available in time stopped me. Hope to make it to SMP.

06-26-2017, 10:38 PM
@Gwoody27 - I understand, if you see me around and I for whatever reason don't offer, feel free to ask me to help - barring an act of God or my mother, I will.

Here's what I learned:

1- S2000s have less torque than I thought and I've dyno'ed the car! I can see why John P. was mad at me when I let off on the back straight because I didn't see a point by yet. Once I let off, I CAN'T GET IT GOING THAT QUICK AGAIN. Pure momentum vehicle.

2- Mosport requires smoothness, consistency, titanium balls of steel and tons of grit. How those drivers even pull out of pit lane with that much weight blows my mind. I need more seat time and whilst it was only my 4th time on the track (I went to a BMW event 2 weeks ago and now OTA), I've learnt an immense amount about the track and also myself. Now to apply.

3- Hankook RS4s are fantastic tires. All those high speed turns and when I inspected my tires, they looked back and said: "You call that abuse? GO HOME YA DINGUS!" I can't afford to go through that many tires and am not disappointed in these S.O.B.s so far.

4- Mosport in the wet is rather interesting. Highlights each of the ripples on the track especially out of Turn 1 (where I had some rear wiggle and needed new pants). Need to develop a higher resolution of feel for the road surface.

Thanks for hosting the event guys, from all of us at Pinnacle Advanced Driving Academy and Reviews with T.H., we really appreciate the amazing event you guys run and the crap you put up with.



06-27-2017, 12:55 AM
Oh My Gosh, I think that I've already forgotten half of what I learned. ;)

1) This is a great sport filled with some really great and passionate people. They give beyond everything they have to see it move forward. I think we have the strongest core of volunteers we've ever had, all rowing in one direction. I haven't singled anyone out in my thanks because I live in deathly fear of forgetting someone. I still have that fear. Thank you to every person giving it their all. Not to show favourites, but Registrar is surely the most constantly labour-intensive job. And you don't get a free event like the organizers. Thanks, Gary.

2) We still need more help. Registrar and Chief timer need to be two person jobs, and we need timers in training on top of that. I want to thank Daniel and Kevin for stepping forward so quickly when they realized the need. We'll plan how to best share the load. I have ideas, but I need the experts in those roles to weigh in. Lets get this rolling.

3) We anticipated that integrating race sessions into our weekend was going to be a challenge, but apart from two issues, it ended up being less challenging than I thought it would be. We'll brainstorm how it can be done better because I loved the atmosphere. How often have we had all paddocks full of activity at CTMP GP on a Time Attack weekend?

4) Biggest field of Alligator Track Cruise we've ever had! Everyone got so many laps that a left rear brake failed on a Honda and a MG owner found the limit of his braking system for the first time! Everyone did everything we asked of them in the lapping meeting, including the two freshly recruited tail cars!

5) Maybe it's vain, but I don't care. Still fun to show someone new some pace through two and four on their first day. Something to work towards.
(Christian Sorensen did it for me, I am just passing the tradition on. ;) )

6) Like Gary, I'm excited to see the level of skill coming to our series.

7) With us now having a Chief instructor looking after instructor/student pairings, and a registrar answering all the simple questions, plus handling competition registration, CTMP GP Organizer is a much easier job. I've been cheating.

8) I will surely be buying some photos. :)

9) I am enjoying this year!

06-27-2017, 10:57 AM
1. Great guys at 6th Gear Garage, repairing my custom throttle cable quickly, at nominal cost, to get me back on track for the event.

2. Even a high-strength forged drive axle has its limits. (Probably a delayed failure after previous ring gear breakage)

3. Greatly appreciate the dedication of our volunteers - timing, organizing, clerking, etc.

4. Even for only a few laps (only 2 in dry conditions), the GP track is a blast to drive!

Parts on the way, see you all at the DDT (hopefully to become my first breakdown-free event)!!

07-04-2017, 06:56 PM
1. Seeing familiar faces and hooking up with OTA friends makes for a great weekend, regardless of the rain :)
2. Seeing many new faces and quality drivers in the OTA paddock and grid also makes for a great weekend:)
3. A catless header and tune for the FT86 means I can shift sooner up the back straight, but it also means that I can bounce off the rev limiter in 4th for a longer period of time :rolleyes:
4. Running with the CASC race series made the schedule difficult to follow on both Saturday and Sunday :(
5. As always OTA volunteers runs the best events, period :)