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Doug Stark
07-08-2017, 08:18 PM
1. I refused to sign up for the Honda Indy after *already* signing up through my club (MMS) a good month ago with only days notice that this *new* system is in place and its mandatory.

2. I refuse to sign up with an American website giving them my personal info for a bloody race held in Canada. Can you imagine the British, French and other nationalities sharing their members data with a US firm?

3. There was nothing wrong with the system in place we have been using for registration for many years. This is the very first Toronto Indy event I am missing because of this ludicrous decision since my first Indy in 1986.

4. If this trend continues using this offshore organization for our region events - count me out as a volunteer after 30 years.

5. MMS already has our sign up info in a data format that this US website does *nothing better* as far as their website format and information.

6. You have lost a few marshals over this - well played.

07-11-2017, 04:28 PM
Doug - I am a little concerned about your dilemma as we always hate to lose a good volunteer.

I just set up my account at Motorsportreg with just my name and address. There was no request for any other personal information other than an emergency contact, not even my date of birth. I didn't even have to enter my BARC membership number. Maybe as a marshall, the form is different. Perhaps you can talk to your rep and see if he can help out.

Doug Stark
07-13-2017, 11:27 AM
It doesn't work well for our situation (Marshals) and is a made in America solution for Canada that no one asked for. I'm not giving next of kin info and their contact info, email info, phone numbers to be stored on a US server not subject to Canadian law. I've already been burned in the Yahoo hack (twice) and have learned my lesson. In fact our automated event registration works great and has more functions then the US site and our privacy policy is second to none. Did anyone in the region ask us if they could use it? No.

There is a total lack of cooperation in this region and it starts at the very top...

TTFC Scoring
07-13-2017, 03:26 PM
CTA had the same dilemma where we already had a sign up procedure in place. Instead of forcing all our members to sign up to MotorsportReg and then sign up for each event again in MotorsportReg, I did a little research on my own and discovered that I could create a "CTA" account and set up all our members in that account. When sign up is closed for CTA, I log onto the CTA MotorsportReg account and submit all the names of our individual members that registered in our own system. Far less onerous on our members and they also don't receive all the junk mail from MotorsportReg and the Driver stuff from CASC. It's also pretty annoying to have to go through Checkout and Invoice generation for a worker. I noticed that some SCCA events have a separate MotorsportReg registration for their workers. Obviously more research needs to be done. I notice nowadays that more companies just roll things out and then expect the user community to do the Beta testing. I'll bring it up at the next WRRC meeting.

Thanks, Ralph
CTA Race Director