View Full Version : 2017 TLMC Autoslalom Championship - Event #5 - Sunday July 30th

07-24-2017, 08:53 AM
The fifth event of our season is coming up this Sunday!

The details for all of our events can be found HERE (http://www.casc.on.ca/forums/showthread.php?t=34213).

Please pre-register via MSReg (https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/tlmc-autoslalom-2017-event-5-barrie-molson-centre-twin-lakes-motor-club-806569) and save yourself $5! Payment online is OPTIONAL.

Please show up before 9:00 to register/check-in. If you plan on co-driving a car, please show up as early as possible so we can assign you well-spaced numbers.

TLMC memberships will NOT be available on-site. Please click HERE (http://twinlakesmc.org/membership/) to get your membership.

If you have any questions about this particular event, post them here.

07-28-2017, 06:46 PM
A little over 24 hours left to pre-register...we have 40 so far. The weather is looking GOOD! Come have some fun with us!

Strong Man
07-30-2017, 06:46 PM
Hi Everyone,

Almost two years have been passed since my last run ...I wanted to thank TLMC Organizers for great event and organization.

When the final results are going to be available ? Did anybody do pics?!

07-30-2017, 08:45 PM
Valentin, it was good to see you out again. Results should be ready in a few days...up to a week. A link will be posted here when they are ready.

Pictures are likely to be posted to or Facebook page.

07-31-2017, 02:00 PM
Had a blast!

08-04-2017, 08:16 PM


Strong Man
08-05-2017, 09:01 PM
Any pics ?!