View Full Version : Time-Attack clerk training at DDT this Weekend

Dave Barker
07-26-2017, 04:38 PM
As you all know, the Ontario Time-Attack series is run completely by volunteers. It is great to get folks helping out in various aspects of the day including timing helper, grid marshal, and those of us who are old timers remember well the inefficiency of having our competitors man marshalling stations.

OTOH, there are still a number of essential positions that require more training and experience to do effectively including timing, registrar, treasurer and course clerk. (Believe it or not, being an organizer for a regular event other than a school or our MIR events, is not that difficult and most of the work is done before coming to the track)

I am very familiar with being a Time-Attack clerk which is very different from being an organizer or Race clerk. The clerk controls just about every aspect of what goes on during competition on the track. When things go well, it appears easy but when things don't, you have to "think on your feet" and herd a few cats hopefully resulting in the most efficient use of track time. Unfortunately it is not a job that a volunteer can jump in to easily unless he or she has been in the tower and seen how things play out.

At this stage we are really short of experienced clerks and to help that, I would like to offer clerk training for up to 3 people from each of X and Y run groups on Saturday afternoon at event 3. Yes, it is an unpaid job and doesn't have a lot of glamour (although it does have quite a bit of power implied). Being a clerk give you access to the tower and the towers at both tracks at CTMP are air conditioned and offer splendid views of the track and even the SMP tower is still great protection from the rain. (TMP, not so much) You also get to deal with the MMS marshals and timing folks without having any of them tell you to go away.

So, to misquote JFK, ask not what the Time-Attack series can do for you but what can you do for the Ontario Time-Attack series. If interested please let either myself or Gary Wood know your intention to join me in the tower at the DDT.