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Snizzoop 04-25-2018 08:20 AM

2018 TLMC Autoslalom Championship
TLMC will be hosting our autoslalom championship series at the Barrie Molson Centre again in 2018. Membership and event fees remain unchanged from last year. JOIN US for your chance to prove that you're the fastest in the north! Our championship is a battle for the fastest overall, the fastest in each class family, as well as the fastest novice. Points are awarded at each event, and your best four scores are counted toward the championship. Our novice championship counts the best three scores, and is scored against other novices.

Event Schedule:

- 8:00 - On-Site Registration/Check-In Opens
- 9:00 - Registration/Check-In Closes
- 9:15 - Driver's Meeting
- 9:30 - First Car On Course
- 4:00 - Final Run(s) Must Be Started Before This Time

Event Fees:

- $30 for TLMC Members
- $40 for Non-Members
NOTE: Pre-Register & SAVE $5! Pre-registration available by clicking on the event number in the schedule below. (Links will be added as they become available.)


- TLMC memberships are available HERE for $25.
- Memberships will not available at the event.
- You must be a TLMC member to accrue points toward the championship.
- Points are not awarded retroactively.
As noted above, members receive a $10 discount at each event. Other benefits include a MAJOR discount for a ticket to our end of year banquet, and early registration access to entry limited/special events.

Event Dates:

Test and Tune - Sunday May 13th - NEW FOR 2018*
Event #1 - Sunday June 10th
Event #2 - Sunday July 8th
Event #3 - Sunday July 29th (Enduro)*
Event #4 - Saturday August 18th (CASC-OR Regional Event)
Event #5 - Sunday August 19th (CASC-OR Regional Event)
Event #6 - Sunday August 26th
Event #7 - Sunday September 9th (Single Day Double-Header)*

* Entry may be limited.

Details for our Test and Tune, Enduro and Single Day Double-Header will be posted in a separate thread.

The Barrie Molson Centre reserves the right to cancel any of these dates at their discretion.


TLMC follows the SCCA classing rules. This is the same rule set followed by the CASC-OR regional series, as well as the Canadian Autoslalom Championship (national) event.

Participant Requirements:

- All competitors must have a valid driver's licence
- All event participants must wear appropriate footwear. Appropriate footwear does not include sandals, slippers, open-toed shoes, etc.
- All competitors are responsible for the safety of their vehicle. All loose items must be removed from the vehicle.
- Drivers and passengers must wear a helmet. (TLMC does have loaner helmets, but we strongly suggest that you purchase your own.)
Acceptable helmets:
FIA 8860-2004
FIA 8860-2010
FIA 8859-2015
Snell 2015 SA, or 2015 M
Snell 2010 SA, 2010 SAH, or 2010 M
Snell 2005 SA, or 2005 M (expiry 31.12.2018)
SFI Foundation 31.1/2015
SFI Foundation 31.1/2010
SFI Foundation 31.1/2005 (expiry 31.12.2018)

For more information, visit our website...or just post here.

TLMC events are run in accordance with the ASN CANADA FIA National Solosport Regulations.

lawrence 04-27-2018 12:41 AM

Re: 2018 TLMC Autoslalom Championship
The TLMC web site says that the May 13th Test and Tune day is a points event. Is this correct?

sjd 04-27-2018 01:00 AM

Re: 2018 TLMC Autoslalom Championship

Originally Posted by lawrence (Post 264458)
The TLMC web site says that the May 13th Test and Tune day is a points event. Is this correct?

No. The website has now been updated. :)

97accord 06-11-2018 07:00 AM

Re: 2018 TLMC Autoslalom Championship
Went out yesterday to see and what a blast it was
Got to go for ride along with Bernie ( thank you), what a thrill.
Steven, thank you also for your hospitality. Great event.

bernie 06-14-2018 04:51 PM

Re: 2018 TLMC Autoslalom Championship
Glad you enjoyed it! Sorry it wasn't faster ;)

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