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TJMotorsport 05-04-2017 10:26 AM

Technical Information - Watkins Glen (Round #1)
To all Radical Canada Cup competitors,

Gear Ratios:
Be advised after recently testing at Watkins Glen, data taken from a number of cars confirm that 3.071:1 gear ratios are recommended for all competitors. The fast flowing nature of the circuit required additional gearing than is necessary at some of our other tracks.

Minimum Weight:
As advised in the rules update post (May 3, 2017) the minimum weight for all SR3 models is 1,545lbs including driver.

Ground Clearance:
The Radical North American Masters series has a minimum ground clearance rule in place. As the first event of the Radical Canada Cup season is run under their rule set all Radical Canada Cup cars must meet their rules in order to score points in the Radical Canada Cup championship.

The ground clearance from the lowest part of the chassis and bodywork must be a minimum of 40mm (typically measured at the front splitter). To ensure compliance Radical Canada will have our scale pads available at the event for inspection. It should be noted that Radical Sportscars (UK) advise a minimum splitter height of 40mm at all times (regardless of whether rules mandate it).

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