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angus macsac 10-19-2017 07:06 PM

Boosting Ice Racing
1) FaceBook Page:
I've revamped and updated our Ice Race FB "Page"
- created an "Event" for the first weekend of 2018 season which BTW has received 1600 views in 2 days of creating it as of this forum posting
- created an "Event" for the annual Fall Drivers Meeting
- added a "Video Button" which links to the Essence Of CASC Ice Racing promo video
- changed out the "Cover Photo" to better advertise our 1st scheduled weekend event of 2018
- uploaded 4 relevant Ice Race promo videos to the "Videos Tab"
- added a link to my 2017 In-Car Ice Race videos Playlist on YouTube
- reworded the "About" section and added 3 links to it (CASC about ice racing webpage, Go Ice Racing! THE Basics of Getting Started webpage, and a link to this CASC forum ...

2) FaceBook Group:
Intended primarily as a Discussion "Group" for people who are ice racers...
I added "Events" for the 1st weekend of 2018 season and the annual Fall Drivers Meeting here as well.

PLEASE!!! Spread the word and share with any and all motorsport groups, Forums, FB pages, friends, etc etc etc that may be interested in going Ice Racing! Each of us needs to actively push our sport and grow the number of entries so we can continue. And of course kudos to all those who do so much for our sport already.

jimmy1 10-20-2017 07:17 AM

Re: Boosting Ice Racing
Nice fresh new look.
Now it just needs people to add content.
Any build photos of new projects.
Or how about posting that video you got but forgot to post last year.

angus macsac 10-20-2017 12:07 PM

Re: Boosting Ice Racing
yep - that's the thing with FB - must remain ACTIVE to be "seen"

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