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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

In the spirit of optimization, and spending my modification dollars wisely, I have the following questions:

Question 1
According to the database a 2006 nissan rates at 78.6. with a suspension index of 70%. If I add a Nismo suspension (which increases spring rates and lowers ride height by .8") would it be considered OEM and take no PIPs or, if I read the rulebook correctly, it would take 6pips which translates to 5.8spips? The result would be 84.4.

Question 2
For argument sake, if i had a 2007 Nismo, which weighs the same and has six more horsepower, depending on the handling index I estimate the pips as follows: (70% handling index)-79.1, (75%)-80.6, (80%)-82.1,(85%)-83.6. Effectively this means that adding the Nismo suspension to a base 350z takes the handling index to over 85% which seems punitive to me.

If you take the view that adding the suspension adds 5.8pips then can I have the option of asking you to rate a 2007 Nismo which would require an assessment of the handling index? I would then modify my suspension to 07 nismo standards and rate my car as an 07 nismo even if I'm down 6hp because it is less punitive than rating my car as an 06 base and adding suspension pips (I can't believe you would rate a nismo handling index any higher than 80%).

Question 3

The OEM setup of the 350z has an LSD (although it is viscous). In my interpretation adding a clutch type LSD would not take 1.5pips because I am not adding a LSD (the rulebook doesn't seem to define LSD and therefore doesn't make the distinction between LSD types). Can you confirm I wouldn't take Pips for adding a clutch type LSD?

No my name is not Adam but clearly the weather has turned cold and I have too much time on my hands.

Matt Berridge
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